3 Day Krav Maga Course

Intensive  Day Krav Maga course suitable for Beginners or Experienced Students.

  • Earn a Survival T-Shirt
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Grading is optional for non-students
  • If you are a Vault student and your instructor can verify you are at the stage to go forward for your next belt you can attend course, get all the practice you need and take grading at end of course. 
  • If you fail the grading at end of course, you will be given free entrance onto the next joint class grading.
  • **You cannot do your grading if going from Brown Belt to Black Belt on this course.  Black Belt grading is exclusive and has strict guidelines and is not catered for on this course.  However if you are a Brown Belt you can come and get all the practice you need and prepare for it on this course plus you will get an invite to Black Belt grading included in the cost.

*Please keep in mind we have strict guidelines of having 1 years training between Brown to Black Belt.

These courses are limited to small numbers with many Instructors attending to ensure their skills are kept at a premium world class level, this means you will get even more focus & personalised training directly for you with more or less 1-2-1 training with an instructor.

Courses held over a long weekend, 3 Days, starting Friday till Sunday, 8:45 am sharp till and 5:30pm finish daily.

23.5 Hours is equivalent to 23 Training Sessions or 23 classes or 6 months training (this is actually training time and not including warm up and drill training).

Light refreshments & drinks supplied.

Next Course 2-4th November 2018 starts October 2018 – Book Now To Secure Your Place.

To discuss in more detail Ring 07842 527843.


Ground Hog Day


Ground Hog Day in an introduction to Ground work which entails defending attacks against:

  • Weapons
  • Punches
  • Kicks

Ground Hog Day will also use common grappling techniques with a mix of Jui-Jitsu, Judo and BJJ

To discuss in more detail Ring 07842 527843.

Ladies Only Classes


Ladies only classes at:

  • Vault BandBridge
  • Vault Kilkeel
  • Vault Bushido

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