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Vault Defence was founded by Glyn Ashton back in 2006. He has extensive traditional Martial Arts background and training in numerous forms of Self Defence. Glyn is a First Dan Jui jujitsu and Blue Belt in Brazilian jujitsu obtained at Gracie Barrie N.I. Glyn went onto train in Commando Krav Maga & other forms of Krav Maga reaching Senior Master level. Since then there are  instructors with established classes throughout Northern Ireland.  Ards, Banbridge, Belfast, Holywood, Lisburn, Kilkeel, Cloughey, Saintfield, Newtownabbey (Mallusk), Carrickfergus & Monkstown and Causeway Coast.  

Kids classes are based in Ards, Banbridge, Holywood, Lisburn & Saintfield opening up soon in Belfast City Centre.

What You Need To Start

Krav Maga classes are currently £8.00 per class for Vault Belfast, Vault Holywood, Vault Ards, Vault Banbridge with other Vault classes in the region £6.00. Our classes are Pay As You Go. On your first night of training, you train at your own risk. However, if you want to come back after your first night, you are required to pay for yearly Martial Arts Insurance which costs £8.00. After your third week we require yearly membership fees of £20 per year.

Busy Schedule – 3 Day Courses

We understand that not all students can commit to weekly classes and due to various reasons would prefer to do short courses. This 21 hour course (3 Day) contains the full Krav Maga syllabus of the original Krav Maga format. A straight forward easy to learn system. This course suits novices to experienced alike.   The ratio instructor to student can be 1-2-1 or 1-2-2.  Open to experienced and non-experienced individuals. Courses for Stag Do’s or groups can be organised by arrangement.

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Privacy Policy:

At Vault Defence /NI Krav Maga we deal with your personal safety through training you to defend yourself against physical threats.We also see it as a very serious matter that any personal data you provide  us is protected against any possible data breach i.e. the loss, destruction or disclosure of your personal data to a party or parties unknown and not permitted access of. As such we have in place a series of very definitive guide lines.Your personal data, your name , date of birth, address, email address and phone number are collected for 2 reasons  and will not be shared to any other organisation or person outside Vault Defence /NI Krav Maga. 1. To obtain Martial Arts Insurance on your behalf. The insurance company itself will have in force their own Privacy Notice governing their possession of your Personal Data. 2.  To enable your instructor to contact you with regards to matters concerning your training at a Vault Defence Class, a course or a “Grading”. Upon obtaining and forwarding your Martial Arts insurance to you the student, we delete all personal data with exception of your name and contact details for purposes as explained in “2” above. We ask that you carry a sealed letter containing next of kin details including contact phone number incase of emergencies. This should be placed in a pocket in a sports bag in order that this is easily located.Photographs for social media and promotions. We understand and support the need for your full unambiguous consent to your photograph being taken during class and used on social media or for promotion purposes. Your instructor will seek your permission and consent to take and use photographs containing your image for the purposes described. If you do not consent to your photograph being taken or used for the purposes stated above you must inform your Instructor who will comply with your request and ensure you are not photographed. Your remaining Personal data, name and phone number/contact details will be held by your instructor while you are a student with them or Vault Defence/NI Krav Maga.  Upon leaving the organisation  you may ask that your remaining contact details and photographs ( please state if contact details to be removed or photographs as well) be removed /deleted by the instructor.  If you do not make this request your instructor will hold on to your contact details in order to notify you of events being organised by the organisation or group attended.If you wish the insurance company used by  Vault Defence /NI Krav Maga  to remove your  details after you cease training with Vault Defence /NI Krav Maga,  you must contact them directly as this cannot be done via a third party. NB  It should be noted that if in the unlikely event you become involved in a criminal investigation involving any member of the organisation student or instructor we retain the right to retain photographs and contact details for evidential and investigatory purposes by the relevant agency. As much as we will help you protect yourself and your personal data, we also maintain the right to protect all students , instructors and the organisation against spurious, false and libellous allegations and fictitious complaints as well as support criminal  or civil action against parties who behave in a criminal manner against those within the Vault Defence /NI Krav Maga organisation.